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"It's time to submit!"

— Kyouka Uzen, Chapter 1 [1]

Kyouka Uzen (()(ぜん) (きょう)(), Uzen Kyōka) is the Chief of the Anti-Demon Corps 7th unit and the main female protagonist of the Mato Seihei no Slave manga series.

She originally joined the Anti-Demon Corps after her hometown was destroyed by a horde of Shuuki years ago and now seeks to avenge her friends and family by wiping out all of the Shuuki that inhabit Mato.

Her peach blessing, Slave, was initially seen as worthless because the Shuuki she turned into slaves were rather weak but after meeting Yuuki Wakura and turning him into her slave, it has become a powerful ability and asset in battle.


Kyouka is a beautiful well-endowed young woman who has silver hair which extends up to her thighs, her hair has bangs on the side of her forehead, in the center while two chunks reach her shoulders and pink eyes where her eyes appear slit.

As the 7th Unit Chief, she is often dressed in her Anti-Demon Corps uniform, consisting of a navy blue militia tunic, cap that has red highlights, white gloves, a short skirt, thigh-high boots. Additionally, Kyouka has unique accessories on her ears that resemble flat, blue, curved horns that stick up from her hair.

Whenever Kyouka returns to the Human World, she is seen in a blouse with a flower spot, a long skirt, with black pantyhose.


Befitting the 7th Unit Chief, Kyouka can be a fierce militaristic, calm, and serious woman who fights against the Shuuki more seriously than other members of the Anti-Demon Corps. She cares deeply for others such as her subordinates, allies, Yuuki, and civilians to the point of doing anything possible to protect them to the point of diving into a situation without hesitation. She also has a strong ambition to become the next Commander of the Anti-Demon Corps and competing with the other Chiefs who're looking for the same position

Although she refers to Yuuki as a "Slave", she is quite gentle and kind to him, same as the others not minding he's a male, showing a level of charisma, which makes him and the others look up to her as a capable leader. Despite her serious and passionate nature, she has shown to have a laid back side and enjoys many things girls her age usually express interests toward. She has a love for sweets as she often carries around candies on her person and often gives them to others. Her caring nature also managed to get the cold and emotionless Varvara Pilipenko to open up and become more communicative with the other Anti-Demon Corps members.

In battle, she can be calm and discipline killing several Shuuki in front of her wearing a calm demeanor while she delegates different positions to her subordinates including Yuuki based on the situation at hand. Even outside the battlefield, Kyouka often focuses on training herself to be a better combatant and captain, as well as even assists her subordinates' training to better themselves. She can be somewhat too serious about her goal of eliminating all the Shuuki to the point of disregarding her social life, which causes Yuuki to ensure she spends her time relaxing on her breaks.

There are also times when Kyouka gets emotional, which is most noted during the times where she gives Yuuki's rewards entails various perverse situations ranging from kissing him or letting him remove her clothing, although, this is possibly in part to her inexperience in dealing with men. Since she has devoted much of her life to training to eradicate the Shuuki, she likely has very little or perhaps no experience dealing with men. Whenever he thanked her for this, she gets flustered and comments that it is a part of her powers and not her actual free will, even to the point of also losing her temper. As time passed, however, Kyouka has gotten used to the rewards and never minds doing them because the person in question was Yuuki. It has been hinted that she has even started to develop some feelings for Yuuki, being shocked that Tenka wanted him and blushing around him. It's not clear yet if Kyouka can't admit these feelings (either out of shyness or perhaps out of pride) or if she just hasn't noticed them yet.

Kyouka is however, even if unconsciously, quite possessive and jealous towards Yuuki, because even if she doesn't realize it, she wants him just for her. Because of the incident that destroyed her hometown and killed all the residents, Kyouka has a strong hatred for the Shuuki, more so the One-Horned Shuuki who caused it, which stirred her to eliminate all of them. Her hatred of the One-Horned Shuuki was enough for her to lose complete control over her emotions to the point of almost disregarding Shushu who was almost killed by a group of them, but later calmed down and punched herself in the face for almost doing so. After finally getting her revenge, Kyouka shows signs of satisfaction at having finally avenged the death of her family, friends and all the people of her home village. However, despite her hatred for the Shuuki, Kyouka seems to have genuine concern for Aoba Wakura, given that she is Yuuki's sister.

Kyouka also has a strong ambition of wanting to become the next commander of the Anti-Demon Corps, this comes from the tragedy of her childhood, her goal is to become the commander to completely eliminate the Shuuki so that they no longer pose any threat to humans and to prevent the same incident that occurred in her hometown.


Kyouka's chilhood tragedy

Kyouka lived a normal life in her village in Gassan Oisawa, Yamagata Prefecture until several Shuuki and a One-Horned Shuuki arrived and killed everyone there leaving her as the last survivor. Since then, Kyouka has developed a deep hatred for the Shuuki joining the Anti-Demon Corps for the purpose of eliminating all of them. From some point on, Kyouka became the leader of the 7th unit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kyouka decimates Shuuki

Kyouka fighting Shuuki.

Similar to all other woman before and after her, Kyouka could obtain a unique ability from devouring one of the peaches from Mato. However, her powers focuses on enhancing those instead of herself, in particular, those whom she turns into her Slave, making others view Kyouka as someone incapable of fulfilling her strong and driven ideals. Because of this, more than others, she focused on training herself much harder to fight against the Shuuki along whoever or whatever she enslaved, primarily focusing on martial arts training and strict disicpline. Because of this, Kyouka rose among the Anti-Demon Corps, becoming the 7th Unit Chief after removing the former one, Yumeji Shimomura from her position, despite her Peach Blessing, Imperium granting telekinetic powers, and as such is among one of the Strongest Women in the corps.

Among the Chiefs, Vice Chiefs, and normal members, she is a unique case where instead of being reliant on the "force" which would be produced by Peach Blessings, she can defeat Shuuki through a personal fighting style perfected to fight against them.

Peach Blessing[]

Slave (無窮の鎖(スレイブ), Sureibu, lit. "Eternal Chain"): Kyouka's unique power let her draw out the potential of people she has enslaved,[2] turning them into her Slave, this grants them either enhanced physical prowess, as in the case for most of the Shuuki she enslaved. However, in the case of Yuuki, a normal human, he transforms into a different form whenever used, which granted him several benefits different from those whom she enslaved before.[3] It is later explained that if she, the Master is more compatible with whoever became the Slave, then the enslaved person can use greater power, which was noted as she wasn't expecting Yuuki to become so powerful.[4]

  • Rewards: One of the main drawbacks of her powers, Kyouka is obligated to grant the Slave rewards based on their inner desires whenever performing a deed. For mindless Shuuki, all their rewards so far have been meat; however, for Yuuki, he was given more sexual rewards ranging from kisses and other acts, which will be given automatically, without being able to even move their body to resist.
  • Lending: She can also let other women with a Peach Blessing to use her Slave, which lets Yuuki assumes various forms based on whoever she lends him to. Nevertheless, Yuuki is still using her ability, meaning her stamina and strength is quickly drained when someone else uses him.

Physical Abilities[]

Because her Peach Blessing, Slave instead provides enhancments to someone or something aside from herself, Kyouka focused on strengthening herself on a physical and mental level. This was the case before she consumed a Mato Peach, proceeding the incident where Kidoumaru annhilated her hometown and everyone in it, as she trained under Riu Myouga and on Mt. Ryouzen even after joining the Anti-Demon Corps.

Immense Strength: Befitting the 7th Unit Chief, Kyouka is stronger than other low-ranked Demon Hunters, more so because of her constant strict training. She has proven to be capable of breaking and tearing apart the Shuuki by using her bare hands without using a Peach Blessing that enhances her strength.

Enhanced Durability: She has shown to be incredibly durable. She tanked a powerful thunder strike from a Full Power transformed Rairen, only sustaining light wounds.

Enhanced Agility and Reflexes: Kyouka can unleash sword strikes at near blinding speeds. She instantly evaded Tenka's surprise attack during their training and later on, dodged a deadly powerful thunder strike from a fully transformed Rairen.

Immense Endurance: Kyouka is extremely resilient. In her fight with Kuusetsu, she has shown to withstand multiple cuts and blows from her and still managed to defeat the Thunder God. In her battle with Rairen, she got hit by point blank thunder strike from his Full Power form and yet she remained able to fight, which shocked the Thunder God.

Master Martial Artist: She has trained on Mt. Ryouzen creating her own martial art, which allowed her to defeat Shuuki who are immune to conventional weapons without using a blessed weapon or peach blessing. As such, she can defeat multiple Shuuku using a combination of armed and/or unarmed combat. Kyouka has held her own against Chiefs, such as Mira and Konomi, both of whom she has gained the upperhand against, even Yuuki commended her of being on a whole different level when it comes to martial arts.

  • Master Swordswoman: Following her training on Mt. Ryouzen, Kyouka has developed masterful skill in swordsmanship to the point of easily slicing multiple Shuuki into pieces even when riding on top of her Slave with near-perfect precision. Her sword prowess is esteemed even among the other divisions of the Anti-Demon Corps.
  • Brain Limiter Release: By chanting an incantation, Kyouka can release the natural limiters on her brain, enhancing her body's movements. Meant to prepare to fight against the Hachiraishin.


Chaotic Cherry Blossom ((みだ)(やま)(ざくら), Midare Yamazakura, lit. "Chaotic Wild Cherry Blossoms"): This is a technique where Kyouka slashes her sword numerous times without stopping until her opponent is sliced to pieces, which she used to kill Kidoumaru.

Slave-Edge Sword (隷刃の太刀, Reiha no Tachi, lit. "Sword of the Slave Blade"): Kyouka wraps Yuuki's chain around her sword and he fuses into it. Kyouka then swings her sword and Yuuki flies out at incredible speed, making him able to penetrate the opponent's body. With this technique, Kyouka defeated Kuusetsu and freed Mira, Naon and Koko from within her. Kyouka can also charge up this attack, making it even more powerful.

Other Skills[]

Training Method: Likely from her own experiences, Kyouka has proven to be capable of also training others in a number of different unique methods, which is mainly shown with the 7th Unit members such as Himari and Yuuki, both of which she trained to better their individual combat capabilities

Barrier: Kyouka is able to cast a small barrier using a talisman, but it can only take limited damage from Shuuki.


Katana: Kyouka is shown to use it.

Talisman: Kyouka used one but it can't take too much damage.


  • Her first name Kyou (京) means "Capital" and ka (香) means "incense", meaning "Capital Incense".
    • Her surname U (羽) "Feather, Wing" and zen (前) means "Last", meaning "Last Feather/Wing". Uzen is also a place name around her hometown, Yamagata Prefecture.
    • Her name meaning "Last Feather/Wing" could be a possible reference to Kyouka being the sole survivor of her hometown, in addition to wearing hair ornaments which could resemble wings.
  • Her bust size is 85 E.
  • Her nickname within the Mato defense corps is "Demonic chief".
  • Her dream is to visit the sacred mountains of the world.
  • Kyouka is ticklish, but her strong spirit helps her endure.
  • Kyouka likes to listen to Enka music and her favorite singer is Miyuki Nakajima.
  • In the "Chief Intel" Section:[5]
    1. Routine as of late: She's training and instructing Yuuki daily. The time they're spent doing so has been increasing lately.
    2. Rehabilitation: Since her hometown was invaded, she went through rehabilitation to heal her injuries until she turned 8.
    3. The reason she was assigned to the Seventh Unit: Yumeji took a liking to Kyouka's background, and nominated her for her unit.
    4. Party tricks: When she was Yumeji Shimomura's underline, she learned a lot of tricks by Yumeji's demand.
      1. The tricks are: Power tricks and Moonwalks.
    5. Childhood: She lived with Riu for about three years.
  • The author, Takahiro, although she curses her slave by calling him a pervert, she fulfills her duty as a master. She's been more affectionate lately. Initially, Yuuki was a lot more submissive in order to further capitalize on Kyouka's strong character.[5]


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